Registered Name:  Malinger’s High Velocity
Height/Weight: 23.5″/55lbs
D.O.B/Location:  2008 April 01 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Titles: Ring II, 2015 Canada Cup Ring II Vice Champion, 2012 CRA Ring I Champion, BH, CDN CH, RA, CD, CGN

Indi is Ryan’s first Malinois, and an extremely versatile sporting dog.  Although her kennel is not a traditional working kennel, she is every bit a working Malinois.


Ryan & Indi have done it!  After 4 “très bien” results, they have achieved two “excellent” results giving Indi her full Ring II title.  She finished off the season as the 2015 Canada Cup Ring II Vice-Champion!!

Thus, Indi has officially been semi-retired.  At 7 years old, she still has some very good years left in her, but she will be used for club trials, decoy training and continued team development.

Here is a highlight video of the CRA Championships where Indi competed in October 2014.

135 CRA Championships 2014-10-12

In 2012, Indi and Ryan won the 2012 Canadian Ringsport Association French Ring I Championship in Ottawa, Ontario.  Additionally, they also won the Canada Cup French Ring I title held that weekend!  Heading into that weekend, Indi was the #3 ranked dog in all of the US, Canada, and Mexico!  Unfortunately due to scheduling, they could not pursue a NARA championship…

Indi was initially purchased as a pet, as Ryan – a former police officer – knew what Malinois’ were all about.  However, Indi’s capabilities quickly became apparent.  Ryan would like to think that Indi led him to French Ring as opposed to the other way around.

Indi is an extremely intelligent and very fast learning dog.  She does better with a soft correction, and works only to please the handler.  She is an extremely fast dog and a seasoned French Ring handler described her as natural jumper.

Prior to French Ring, Indi and Ryan dabbled in almost everything.  From conformation showing, rally obedience, CKC obedience, and Schutzhund.  However, it is very apparent that she does best in French Ring.

Indi and Ryan having trained in Schutzhund for a year made the quick decision to change to French Ring for an upcoming trial.  With only three weeks of training, the team obtained their CSAU, and were awarded high in trial for the French Ring Brevet with a score of 95/100 under NARA Judge Richie Bonilla.  They attempted a Ring I, however, in experience caught up with them, and they came up just short at 139.9/200.  Not bad for 3 weeks prep.

Here is the VIDEO of Indi’s Brevet Routine.


BrevetAugust 27, 2011FORCE Ring Club / Ottawa, ONRichard Bonilla (NARA)95/EXE
Ring IAugust 27, 2011FORCE Ring Club / Ottawa, ONRichard Bonilla (NARA)139.9/TB
July 13, 2012Club de Ring de la MontangeFrancis Dejardin (France)163.7/EXE
July 21, 2012Michigan Ring Club / Dewitt, MIThad Peterson (NARA)189/EXE
July 28, 2012CCDSA / St. John's, MISerge Gladieux (France) 186.5/EXE
July 29, 2012CCDSA / St. John's, MISerge Gladieux (France)194.5/EXE
October 9, 2012CRA Canada Cup / Ottawa, ONCamille Tisserand (France)183.75/EXE
Ring IIJuly 20, 2013Chi-Town Ringers / Chicago, ILJean-Yves Reguer (France)218.5/TB
May 17, 2014SOAR Ringsport / London, ONJohn Bayreuther (CRA)197.6/TB
June 14, 2014Chi-Town Ringers / Chicago, ILAlain Karcenty (France)216/TB
June 15, 2014Chi-Town Ringers / Chicago, ILAlain Karcenty (France)235.7/TB
October 11, 2014CRA Canada Cup / London, ONMichel Pechereau (France) 240.6/EXE
May 16, 2015WSWDC / Palmer, MAJohn Bayreuther (CRA)250.1/EXE
October 11, 2015CRA Canada Cup/London, ONLaurent Bernard (France)244.8/EXE