Registered Name: Colt de Las Flores (DIT Pistol)

Breeder: Las Flores

Height/Weight: 26.5″/70lbs

D.O.B/Location:  2017 April 07; Rochester, Washington

Titles:  N/A

Pedigree:  https://www.working-dog.com/dogs-details/6148165/Colt-de-Las-Flores

Pistol is Steve’s first working Malinois and the first puppy in the club from our dog Ionn.  Pistol is a forward Malinois who has taken the positive attributes from both Ionn and Xrba (who is also Mako’s sister).  He is very environmentally stable, loves to chase things, and has that full deep bite we expected.

We are very excited to see how he develops as he matures.

Unfortunately, Pistol has suffered an injury at some point, not during training, and after obtaining expert opinions from numerous veterinarians, we have made the tough decision to retire him.  Pistol will still enjoy fun bites and may even obtain a CSAU, but he will become the best farm dog he can be and will enjoy hunting squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits endlessly.  Needless to say, we are heartbroken for such a young dog to be retired, but we always take our dog’s health as a priority and this is no exception.