Registered Name:  Iason du Domaine de Louxor (dit Ionn)

Breeder: Domaine de Louxor

Height/Weight: 71cm/28″; 85lbs/38kg

D.O.B/Location:  2013 August 12; Deuillet, France

Titles/Brags:  2018 CRA Champion – Ring III; 2018 Canada Cup Champion – Ring III; 2018 NARA Vice-Champion – Ring III; 2018 NARA Eastern Regional Champion – Ring III; 2018 Cup of the Americas Team Member – Ring III; 2017 CRA Champion – Ring III; 2017 Canada Cup Champion – Ring III; 2017 Coupe Intercontinental – Team Canada Ring III; 2016 Canada Cup Ring II Vice-Champion; 2015 CRA Ring I Champion, 2015 Canada Cup Ring I Vice-Champion, 2015 NARA Cup Ring I Vice-Champion, 2015 NARA Eastern Regional Ring I Vice-Champion



Ionn picked up where he left in 2017 and put together solid performances all season long!  The year was highlighted by a performance at the 2018 Canada Cup where after coming off a less than stellar performance at the 2018 NARA Cup, Ionn returned to form and easily walked away with the 2018 CRA Championship – Ring III; 2018 Canada Cup – Ring III!  

Ryan and Ionn were also a strong team in the US all season long capturing the 2018 NARA Eastern Regional Championship in Ring III.  A couple hiccups resulted in a third place finish at the 2018 NARA Cup but they finished as the 2018 NARA Vice-Champions in Ring III.

Ryan and Ionn were also selected as the only Ring III team to represent Canada at the 2018 Cup of the Americas hosted in Ohio.  Unfortunately, an injury a few days before the event resulted in them making the decision not to trial.


Ryan and Ionn went to Alberta to compete in the 2017 Canada Cup and not only walked away with their best result they took home all the top places!  They ended up the 2017 CRA Champions – Ring III; and the 2017 Canada Cup Champions – Ring III!  A great year!

Ionn has been chosen as Canada’s lone participant in Ring III for the upcoming Coupe d’Intercontinental being held in Brive-la-Gaillarde, France.  The event will happen from September 17-19, 2017 and will showcase the best dogs each country has to offer in French Ring.  Ryan will be attending with Team Canada Member Laurie McIntosh who is handing her two girls, Myra and Mojito, in RII.

We are looking toward a big 2017 with Ionn.  Ryan has joined Club Canin de Montbavin in the Nord Picardie Region of France (Groupe 3) and plans on trialling Ionn in Ring III in France this June.


Wow, did we have some adventures this year.  Ionn was trialled in Ring II five times and we were very happy with all of his results.  But for some handling errors his scores would have been consistently upper 270’s – 290’s.  We will ensure these mistakes are not repeated next year in Ring III.

We finished the year with a very good trial at the 2016 Canada Cup where he became the 2016 Canada Cup Ring II Vice-Champion

We cannot say enough about those who brought Ionn to us: Aurélie Geagea and Alexandre Boulanger of Domaine de Louxor and Véronique Démerlier & Jean-Yves Vaiasuso of Vallée du Luvry.



132 CRA Championships 2014-10-12

Ryan went to the Picardie Region of France and spent a week training with some of the best! After carefully evaluating the litter and on the recommendation of Domaine de Louxor breeders Aurelie Geagea and Alexandre Boulanger as well as experienced French Ring handlers Veronique Demerlier, Jean-Yves Vaiasuso and Jean-Paul Jette, Ryan selected the blue collar male as Ionn.

Ionn has a full, deep, and naturally calm bite but also has a fair amount of possessive tendency when he wins his prize. Ionn is a social malinois that is environmentally bomb-proof.

We cannot wait to see Ionn develop into the future champion we know he will be!

8 CRA Championships 2014-10-11



BrevetMay 16, 2015WSWDC / Palmer, MAJohn Bayreuther (CRA)93.9/EXE
Ring ISeptember 12, 2015CDRQ/St. Chrysostome, QCPhillipe Touy (France)189.65/EXE
September 19, 2015NARA East. Reg/Middletown, OHFrancis Dejardin (France)191.8/EXE
October 10, 2015Canada Canada Cup/Terrebonne, QCLaurent Bernard (France)187.35/EXE
October 24, 2015NARA Cup/Chicago, ILPierre-Yves Secretain (France)184.15/EXE
Ring IIApril 23, 2016DSRC/Nashport, OHJohn Bayreuther (CRA)256/EXE
May 21, 2016LRC/Prospect, CTAlain Karcenty (France)286/EXE
June 18, 2016SFRC/Camillus, NYRichard Bonilla (NARA)266.3/EXE
July 2, 2016CECN/Noyon, FranceJean-Marc Barriol (GTR)243.6/EXE
October 8, 2016Canada Cup/Southwold, ONEric Volle (GTR)278.9/EXE
Ring IIIApril 29, 2017DSRC/Nashport, OHRichard Bonilla (NARA)340.175/EXE
May 20, 2017SOAR/Southwold, ONChad Hunter (NARA)347.05/EXE
June 10, 2017CRC, New Richmond, OHJake Brandyberry (NARA)308/TB
June 24, 2017CDCDB/Beuvry, FranceJean-Claude Capon (GTR)318.175/TB
September 18, 2017CCDPDB/Brive-la-Gaillarde, FranceAlain Karcenty (GTR)339.075/EXE
October 7, 2017LRRC/Glenwood, ABYvon Prigent (GTR)350.625/EXE
April 21, 2018DSR/Mt. Vernon, OHChad Hunter (NARA)362.175/EXE
May 19, 2018CRC/New Richmond, OHRichard Bonilla (NARA)362.450/EXE
September 16, 2018SRC/Camillus, NYMichel Valladon (GTR)367.522/EXE
October 14, 2018SRC/Howell, MICamille Tisserand (GTR)309.675/TB
October 28, 2018NTRC/King City, ONTony Moucheghian (GTR)364.65/EXE
Jun 15, 2019NTRC/King City, ONJohn Bayreuther (CRA)385.75/EXE