Registered Name:  Ludo de la Vallée de Luvry

Breeder: Vallée de Luvry

D.O.B./Location:  April 23, 2015; Chevennes, France

Height/Weight: 28.5/73cm; 41kg/90lbs

Titles: Ring III



We are very happy to have the newest member of the SOAR Ringsport team with us.  While we were not initially looking to get a puppy, Alex has been missing the sport, and when we found out about this wonderful breeding we could not say no.  Breeders, Véronique Demerlier and Jean-Yves Vaissuso were once again amazing to deal with by allowing us to have the first choice for the males.

Ryan spent a number of days evaluating the pups and chose the black collar male.  Additionally, Ryan was able to spend 2.5 weeks in the Picardie Region of France training with multiple clubs.

Ludo has a deep calm bite and is very environmentally stable.  He is possessive and has that no-quit mentality that we love in our Malinois.

We are confident that Ludo has received a great start and we are hopeful that we can bring him to the top of French Ring in North America.

UPDATE:  Ludo has passed his R3 and we are eagerly looking forward to some Ionn vs Ludo showdowns in the years to come!

CSAUMay 21, 2016LRC/Prospect, CTAlain Karcenty (GTR)TB
BrevetApril 29, 2017DSR/Nashport, OHRichie Bonilla (NARA)99.5/EXE
Ring IMay 20, 2017SOAR Ringsport/Southwold, ONChad Hunter (NARA)181.3/EXE
June 10, 2017CRC/New Richmond, OHJake Brandyberry (NARA)179.650/EXE
Ring IIApril 21, 2018DSR/Mt. Vernon, OHChad Hunter (NARA)243/EXE
June 2, 2018NTRC/King City, ONFernando Bravo (GTRM)259.8/EXE
Ring IIIJuly 14, 2018SOAR/St. Thomas, ONMichel Pechereau (GTR)326.15/EXE