Alexandra Venables


Alex fell in love with competition dogs around the time when she obtained her first Malinois, Blade. Unfortunately, Blade was critically injured in a tragic accident and was retired from sport. However, Alex maintained a keen eye and learned much as she waited for the right litter to obtain her next dog.

Then along came Mako. Alex and Mako, are the ying and yang of SOAR.  Alex is a very calm handler, and this is needed because Mako, has enough drive for everybody.  We are very excited to watch this team progress in the upcoming years.  Mako has recently earned his Ring 1 and they have plans to go all the way to the top!

Alex is also hoping to re-enter the competition field in the years to come as plans are in the works for her to travel to France to pick up a Malinois puppy from some dear friends of ours!  We cannot wait to go back to France to add to the SOAR team.

Alex is also the  Co-Founder of SOAR Ringsport and she is the current Treasurer of the Canadian Ringsport Association.  Alex also developed the concept and majority of the SOAR logo!