Sean James

Sean is the newest member of the SOAR team.  A police officer in Southwestern Ontario for over the last 10 years, he has been partnered with Trax for the last number of years helping to keep our community safe.  Trax is a black German Shepherd who was imported from Europe.

Sean is eagerly working all of the SOAR dogs as SOAR’s newest Homme d’Attaque/decoy.  His natural ability to read the dogs and new love of the sport have made him a very valuable addition to the SOAR team.

Sean’s interest does not just lie in decoying the dogs, he is also persistently looking to excel and has taken Mako as his new competition dog.  Going forward, Mako will be solely trained in obedience, jumps, and all aspects by Sean with Ryan decoying him.  Mako is not one to accept new people into his inner circle, but he instantly accepted Sean, seemingly knowing this new relationship was going to be a good one!

Sean and Mako will be working toward finishing the R2 program and hopefully continuing into R3 over the next number of years.  Sean is actively looking forward to obtaining an Ionn pup when the timing is right.

Sean and his family are active in our community and his daughter recently made local headlines through her selfless gift of countless bags of dog food for a local rescue in lieu of birthday presents!