Registered Name:  Veni Vidi Vici de Las Flores
Breeder: De Las Flores Working Dogs
Height/Weight:  27.5”/70lbs
D.O.B/Location: 2011 February 12; Rochester, Washington, USA
Titles: Ring 1


Mako is Alex’s first working Malinois, however he is handled in trial by Ryan.  Mako is a very stable and strong willed dog who loves to bite and fight.  He is a spitting image of his father, Arras FR-3 (2006 NARA FRII Grand Champion)  He can be described as a hard dog while working, but has an amazing ability to switch off while at home.  Mako is fiercely loyal to Alex.


Mako is a punishing adult.  He comes into the bite with little regard for his own well-being and is aimed squarely at a full and deep bite.  He pushes his hard into the decoy, and often wraps his legs around the decoy to push harder.  We love this dog and are excited to see how he develops!

Mako is being taught all of the French Ring exercises and we anticipate Mako being able to successfully achieve a Ring III in the upcoming years.


63 CRA Championships 2014-10-11


Mako has finished off his Ring I at the WSWDC Trial in Palmer, MA.  Mako finished second, narrowly missing a first place result.  Mako will be put into semi-retirement and due to his young age, good technique and positive abilities he will be used in club trials, decoy development and to advance the purposes of the club.  We are hopeful that Mako will achieve a Ring II in the years to come; however, due to his intense drive and amount of training necessary to achieve a Ring II, Ryan will exclusively train Mako to allow Alex to focus her time on her new puppy.

Here is a highlight video of the CRA Championships where Mako competed in October 2014.

50 CRA Championships 2014-10-11


BrevetJuly 20, 2013Chi-Town Ringers / Chicago, ILJean-Yves Reguer (France)80.2/EXE
Ring IMay 17, 2014SOAR Ringsport / London, ONJohn Bayreuther (CRA)152.3/TB
October 12, 2014CRA Canada Cup / London, ONMichel Pechereau (France)163.5/EXE
May 17, 2015WSWDC / Palmer, MAJohn Bayreuther (CRA)183.8/EXE
April 29, 2015DSR/Nashport, OHRichie Bonilla (NARA)120.750/TB
May 20, 2017SOAR Ringsport/Southwold, ONChad Hunter (NARA)172.5/EXE