New Puppy(ies) Coming!!!

As we have crested the midway point of the winter, the SOAR Ringsport team has begun looking toward the summer and our trialling season which is ahead of us.  It looks like the SOAR family is going to be growing by two new puppies come the summer!!!

Alex and Ryan have decided to yet again take the plunge and head to France to get a puppy.  It has been no secret that Alex has been absent from training as of late, with priorities laying in starting a new business and the continual setbacks MAKO has given her, training in French Ring has become tedious.  However, after much long and thought out discussions, Alex (and Ryan) have decided to travel to France this summer and visit friends and get another top puppy!  The breeding will be happening immanently and once pregnancy is confirmed, we will announce the parents.  In addition, if all works out according to plan the SOAR Ringsport team shall be attending the Selectif Finale in June in accordance with picking up their puppy!  A great honour and privilege it will be to attend and watch the best of the best compete!

It also looks as if John will also be getting a puppy from France!  Logistics are being worked out and finalized, but he is very excited about the prospects of working with a new dog!  John has been very patiently awaiting the right breeding for him and the SOAR team, and after meticulously looking at pedigrees and litters, it looks as if we have a winner!  Once the pregnancy is confirmed, the puppy’s parents will be posted!

We are eagerly ready for the summer as we are getting tired of shovelling the backyard.

Train Harder, Train Better, Train Smarter

SOAR Ringsport