Well this was an exceptionally exciting year for SOAR Ringsport.  It was a year filled with exceptional highs, lows, and the pride in being awarded the 2014 Canada Cup.

We finished off 2013 in a rebuilding phase.  Indi needed to be re-tooled to overcome issues in R2, Mako had control issues which would prove a large roadblock for us competing in our R1, and we travelled to France to pick up a new puppy, Ionn.

We spent the winter with the hopes of hosting the 2014 Canada Cup and CRA Championships.  We committed, as a relatively new club that had not hosted a trial before, to host our qualifying club trial so we could be awarded the 2014 CRA Championships.

In April, we rented heavy construction equipment to level and hydro-seed our new Ring field!  Unfortunately, after we seeded the field, it did not rain for almost 3 weeks and the grass did not take.

photo 1

On the May long weekend, SOAR Ringsport held its first trial – which will be known here as the “Mud Bowl”.  While it was a small and personable trial, with only 6 dogs entered, it was an eye opening experience to see what we would need to accomplish ahead to the October CRA Championships.  We trialled Indi and Mako, but unfortunately neither passed.  Mako had a remarkable score going, but his late outs and re-bites cost us nearly 40 points in two exercises.  A real shame because he had nearly perfect going into those two exercises.  Indi fell victim to her old nemesis and came up short in her second attempt to get her R2.


In July, we travelled to our friend’s in Chicago and attended the two-day Chi-Town Ringers trial.  Unfortunately, Mako had an injury (broken toe) just a week prior so he was unable to compete.  We brought all three dog’s down and we trialled Indi on the Saturday and Sunday.  Despite hard training, Indi did not pass either day.  However, a HUGE light came from the weekend.  We discussed Indi’s issues with experienced Ringers from Canada, France and the US and had game plan on how to transition Indi to overcome her issues.


Over the Thanksgiving weekend SOAR Ringsport hosted the 2014 Canada Cup.  This was an extremely gracious honour that the CRA has bestowed upon us.  We are a relatively new club, and we are honoured to be able to host the jewel in the CRA trial year.  We had 21 dogs with 24 entries (CSAU – 4; BR – 3; R1 – 8; R2 – 4; R3 – 4) enter the trial.  Judge and decoys travelled long distances and did not disappoint.  Perhaps most importantly, the SOAR Ringsport dogs did exceptionally well!  Ionn achieved an “excellent” result in his CSAU, and did the Dog in White for the Brevet level.  Judge Michel Pechereau told us that Ionn was ready for a Brevet earlier in the week, and he was right!  He would have scored a 98.5, but we preferred to keep Ionn as the Dog in White as we want to ensure that he is ready for a R2 prior to us formally trailing him.

132 CRA Championships 2014-10-12

Mako was next up, and the stars aligned and he passed his R1!  He came in 4th out of 8 dogs, and we are exceptionally proud of his resilience and effort this weekend.  Perhaps most importantly, Indi, on her fifth attempt, passed her R2.  Indi finished in third place, and took third place in this year’s CRA R2 Standings!  This has been a very long and emotional road for Ryan and SOAR Ringsport.  We look forward to the winter and continuing to build on her success in this trial and to continue to build her so that her scores can improve!

61 CRA Championships 2014-10-11

Indi’s success is not only a success for SOAR Ringsport, but it’s a success for the CRA in general.  The reason we say this, is that Ryan has a very strong ambition to become a judge in French Ring.  Since the pre-requisites in becoming a judge is to bring a dog to at least a R2 and another to R3, Indi’s first step into R2 is a step toward another judge in Canada!

135 CRA Championships 2014-10-12

SOAR Ringsport will continue to train until the ground freezes and snow falls.  We thank everybody, competitors, spectators, supporters, sponsors and the CRA for a great trial season!

We are not sure if we will debut Ionn on the trial field next year, but you can be assured that Indi will be playing in R2, and we hope to finish Mako’s R1 and jump up to R2 in 2015!

An exceptionally BIG congrats to the following, on a very good year:

Mikey Rusu and Guess 2 du Chateau d’Agadir – 2014 Ring 1 Canada Cup and 2014 Ring 1 CRA Grand Champion

124 CRA Championships 2014-10-12

Josee Dubois and Gypsy du Domaine des Eclaireurs – 2014 Ring 2 Canada Cup and 2014 Ring 2 CRA Grand Champion

76 CRA Championships 2014-10-12

Kevin Lee and Xenon des Barriques – 2014 Ring 3 Canada Cup and 2014 Ring 4 CRA Grand Champion

130 CRA Championships 2014-10-12

Good luck to all those who achieved their results and plan on moving up a level next year!  See you all in 2015!  Stay tuned for posts over the remainder of the 2014 calendar year and beginning of 2015.

SOAR Ringsport.