2014 Championships

SOAR Ringsport, would like to graciously thank everybody who came, participated, competed, supported and assisted in putting this event on.

We began the planning of hosting the 2014 CRA Championships back in October 2013 and it came to fruition a year later, with what I am proud to say was a very successful event.

We would like to pay special thanks to the following people:

Judge Michel Pechereau – thank you for travelling from the south of France to London, Ontario.  You judging came extremely highly recommended and it was true to form as the judging was very firm, fair, and exceptionally consistent.  Thank you for providing us with tips and tricks on how to advance with our dogs and we wish you all the best with DICKSON this competition year!  We look forward and highly recommend M. Pechereau to other clubs who are looking to bring French judges in for their trials.

Hommes Attaque Alexandre Boulanger – it was an absolute pleasure to see you again, and it was impressive to see your trial work and to see you adapt from the Brevet dogs to the R3 dogs.  You work was fair, consistent, and within the rules.  You challenged the dogs training and pushed the limits of what each dog brought to the field.  We cannot recommend Alexandre enough as a trial decoy.  Your work off the field was equally impressive.  All of the dogs advanced under your guidance and it was exceptional to see somebody who is as good on the training field as they are on the trial field.  Alexandre is truly a very well rounded Hommes Attaque.

Hommes Attaque Chad Hunter – we have long heard of this exceptionally good decoy in Arizona who is as good as a handler as he is as a decoy.  Chad did not disappoint.  With cheers of “SEXY” every time he hit the field, Chad rose to the level of the dog and had some spectacular catches with some very tough dogs.  A long lasting friendship has been established and we look forward to having Chad up in Ontario again!

Deputy Judge John Bayreuther – John is a very close friend of SOAR Ringsport, and his selfless willingness to deputy judge and act as translator for the week, will not be soon forgotten.  John was able to quickly relay all of the scores on the field to the Trial Secretary to allow for an exceptionally quick turn around.  I think all of the competitor’s received their scores prior to leaving the field.

Jennifer & Joey Henriksen – The filming of the 2014 Canada Cup is thanks to Jen and Joey!  They spent essentially two days in isolation obtaining the video we needed for our event.  We cannot express how much we appreciate these two SOAR Ringsport members.  Their dedication is exceptionally appreciated.

Josee Dubois, Aristide Couture, Mikey Rusu, Kevin Lee, Patrick Doucet, Daniel Lybbert, Guy Bertrand – thank you for assisting in the nitty gritty of French Ring.  Deputy judging, running the baton and the gun and for assisting the competitors on the field.  These are the unsung people of French Ring.  They act as a calming voice to the competitors and help make the trial run like clockwork.

Alex Venables – Thank you for putting up with me over the last year as we have spend time, money, and a considerable amount of effort into not one but two trials to ensure that the 2014 Canada Cup was a success.  A HUGE thanks for photographing and offering your calming nature to the event.

Carla & Ken Venables – I don’t think we could have run this event as smoothly without the help of my parent.  Reeling from a devastating loss in our family, they pulled it together only days later to help with some of the backend work in terms of selling food, raffle tickets and merch.  We cannot thank you enough for spending the weekend with us.

Joanna & Ryan Aarts – Thank you again for allowing us to use your property and for the support of French Ring in Canada!

Lastly, thank you to all of our sponsors.  Without your help and support, we could not have put on the type of event we wanted.  I heard countless times over the weekend that the organization and nature of this event was very well done.  While SOAR Ringsport helped shape the event, our sponsors and vendors provided the building blocks for this event.  We hope we provided enough attention to your area and we look forward to continuing our relationship going forward.  We are already scouting sites and facilities for the next time we host the Canada Cup… next time is going to top them all!!

Perhaps most importantly, thank you to all the competitors and spectators who came from far and wide to support our event.  This is the premiere event in Canada, and we commit to repaying the favour as our dogs advance!  Competitor’s came from Connecticut, Alberta, Quebec, and Ontario.


Thank you to all!

SOAR Ringsport