2019 Wrap-Up

2019 was another awesome year here at SOAR Ringsport!!!

We had two trials competed with all the dogs, and had an absolute blast!!!

In the spring Ryan finished off his judge’s program to become only the second CRA French Ring judge in history!!

We also travelled to Florida and added another dog to the club. Her name is Tonka, and wow is she a spitfire!!!

In June, Ryan and Ionn travelled to the North Toronto K9 Ring Club’s trial and recorded the highest score ever in Canada and the highest score in North America since 2012!! Jeff and Niak also killed it banging out a passing R1 score – way to go guys!!

In September, Jeff became SOAR’s first ever certified decoy! Jeff did a very challenging selection under CRA Judge John Bayreuther to not only pass his selection but to excel with super feed back!

Also in September, Ryan judged his first trial and travelled to Calgary to compete in the Canada Cup. Ryan and Ionn won the Canada Cup and became the 3 time CRA Ring III Champions! Not only was this the third year in a row, but it was the highest average every recorded in CRA history!!! We also had the pleasure of introducing Onyx as she did her DIW Brevet.

In September Alex and Onyx passed their Brevet in less than ideal conditions and achieved a first place!!

In November we held our fall trial with Jeff and Niak, and Alex and Onyx taking first and second place respectively with less than a point between them!!! Ryan and Ionn finished second in Ring III and Alex and Ludo finished fourth in Ring III, both with passing scores!

Big things are to be had in 2020! Stay tuned