2017 SOAR Ringsport – Spring Trial

2017 SOAR Ringsport Spring Trial

Date: May 19-21, 2017

Location: St. Thomas, ON
Judge: Chad Hunter (NARA)
Decoys: Andy Krueger (NARA Lvl 3); TBA

CSAU – $25 ($50 if trial form received AFTER Oct. 1)
BR – R3 – $100 ($125 if trial form received AFTER Oct. 1)
Move up – $50


E-Mail Transfer/Interac Transfer/PayPal: ryan@SOARringsport.com

(please send me an email in advance with your password for the transaction)

PayPal: Available upon request – please select sending money to a friend/family member

We will have a microchip scanner available, but we cannot ensure that it will work for your dog.

SOAR Ringsport is nestled in proximity to London and St. Thomas, Ontario in Elgin County and is 5 min to sparking shores of Lake Erie.

Distance from the following major areas:
Toronto – 2 hours
Buffalo/Niagara Falls (Border) – 2.5 hours
Detroit/Windsor (Border) – 1.5 hours
Port Huron/Sarnia (Border) – 1 hour

Time Table:

Fri, May 19 – Open Field/Decoy Selection; Handler’s Meeting; Drawing of Exercises;

Sat, May 20 – Trial; Judge’s Dinner

Sun, May 21 – Trial Continuation; Possible Second trial with different Judge

Mon, May 22 – Open training day


PARKING – please see event staff in order to ensure you park in a designated area. No road parking shall be permitted.

SPECTATORS – will be required to check-in with event staff. We would respectfully ask all spectators to leave their dogs at home.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION – in order to respect our neighbours all competitors are asked to bring an anti-barking device or ensure their dog is quiet. No dogs will be permitted off leash, unless competing. There will be a designated elimination area for dogs, we ask that you use this. Lastly, spectators and competitors must stay within the confines of the south field where the trial will be held. Travelling across the road to adjacent properties shall be construed as trespassing and we shall ask anybody that does so to immediately leave whether or not you are a competitor. The Township’s by-law department will be in attendance for at least a portion of the event and shall be strictly enforcing all applicable laws.  You are more than welcome to walk you dog, on leash, off property but all applicable leash laws will be strictly enforced.  You can see the Township of Southwold’s dog laws here:  Southwold Township Dog By-Law