2017 Coupe d’Intercontinental!!!

What an awesome summer we have had!  Ionn is doing well in Ring III and Ludo has gone from no trialing to ready for his Ring II.  

2017 marks the return of the prestigious Coupe d’Intercontinental!  This is an international French Ring event that was last held in 2007.  It brings all countries together to showcase the best in our sport.  We were very excited that both Ionn and Ludo made the Team Canada in Ring III and Ring I respectively.  Unfortunately, due to scheduling, Alex and Ludo will be staying at home, but Ryan and Ionn will be representing both SOAR and the CRA.

Here is the team that will be representing Canada at the CIC in Brive-la-Gaillarde, France this September 17-19!

Ring III:
Ryan Venables & Iason du Domaine de Louxor (dit Ionn) – SOAR Ringsport

Ring II:
Laurie McIntosh & Karma’s Little Myra – Lone Rock Ringsport
Laurie McIntosh & Helluva Mojito du Chenil de Chasseur – Lone Rock Ringsport